What would you tell this person if....

Note, these are some questions that were presented by a few people (mainly to try and make me look unreasonable or trying to trap me somewhere). Notice how these questions are worded.

Also know that I do not have authority to tell someone to do something. I can and might point out to the person that he or she is breaking the law, but I have no right to tell anyone not living under my authority what to do. The following answers are just my OPINIONS. I think we should all try our best to listen to the holy Spirit on these matters. Some law abiding people would disagree with me on some of these issues. We will have all the answers after the resurrection.

QUESTION #1: If a man has to support his family and he takes a job that requires him to work on the Sabbath, is that man sinning, and would you tell him to quit?

ANSWER: I don't tell anyone how to live their life (unless they ask for my advice). It is not my possition to tell him to quit but I can make it known to him that he is breaking the law. If the man knows that he is breaking the law and he decides to do it anyway, I doubt me saying anything will do anything but get him upset. After the man finds out that he is breaking the law, if the man comes to me for advice, I would give it. I would tell him to ask his boss to let him off on the Sabbath (I had a couple of jobs where I had to do this, each time I was able to do this and keep my job). If the boss will not let him take off, then I would advise the person to look for another job (even if it pays less). If that person is under contract, then I believe he should finish out the contract. After the contract is finished, he should not renew that contract.

The following jobs I believe "profane the sabbath and are blameless": ministers, police/security, hospital workers, veterinarians (for emergency cases), firefighters, military etc. For each case, training and other labor should not be done at this time. If you are in the military, you are under contract to obey your superiors. If they ask you to go paint some walls or buff floors on the sabbath, then the breaking of that law will hang on their head and not yours (until your contract is up).

QUESTION #2: If a man is starving to death and the only thing he could eat was pork, would you tell him not to eat it and possibly starve to death?

ANSWER: Again, I am not going to tell him anything. He does not have to answer to me on Judgment Day.

This hypothetical situation would never come up for 2 reasons. One, because Yahweh promised us if we obeyed His law that we would be able to eat until we are full (Lev 26:5). Two, because a person can go 40 days without food. If that person was living in a third world country and all he had was a pig farm, then if I were him, I would trade that pig farm for another type of farm that had clean meats.

QUESTION #3: What if a doctor had to perform surgery to save a life?

Answer: Doctors profane the sabbath and are blameless. One of the Levites jobs was to take care of the sick. I also think this falls under the ox in the ditch category.

QUESTION #4: What if you met a homeless person that was wearing mixed fabrics, would you tell him to take his coat off and freeze?

ANSWER: This is a poor question. If the homeless person was following Yahweh's laws, he would have all his needs met and he would not freeze or be without a jacket, food, etc. (Matthew 6:25-33) (Mark 6:8-11).

QUESTION #5: If man thinks his wife is cheating on him should he make her drink dirty water which could potentially make her very sick?

ANSWER: Does this man know of a Levite? If he knew a practicing Levite (from the tribe of Levi), then I would say, yes (By the way, she would only get sick if she was cheating on the man). I have not met a Levitical Priest yet though.

It is my opinion that we should focus on how we should keep the law and not focus on everyone else. By focusing on everyone else, it is easy to become legalistic and Pharisaical. For instance, some people would refuse to eat food that has been prepared over a flame on the Sabbath. Although, I do believe we should not cook meals over a flame on the Sabbath (because it is against the law), every piece of food today probably got on your table by breaking several laws. The farmer was probably not practicing the land sabbath, the product could have been harvested, packaged, shipped or stocked on the Sabbath and it was probably bought and sold using unjust weights and measures. Since the law says not to cook anything on a flame on the Sabbath and it does not say you can not eat anything that was cooked on the Sabbath, and since I am not in the business of telling people what to do, if someone cooks something for me on any day I'll eat it.