Paraphrased what Paul Is saying in Romans Chapters 6-8

All of you are currently married to your carnal flesh. It is your head/master. You cannot have 2 masters. If your flesh is your master, then you will be “lawless” as your flesh/carnal mind is hostile to the Torah (law of God) and cannot be subject to the Torah (Romans 8:7). If Yeshua is your Master, then you will follow His instructions (Torah). His Torah and commandments are holy (Romans 7:12). If you try to follow His holy instructions (Torah) without first killing off your unholy flesh (in a way, mixing the holy with the unholy), you are committing adultery with your first master. What will result is that you can only follow the letter of the law and the Spirit of the law would not be revealed because your flesh is hostile to the law of God (here is some examples of the “Spirit of the Law” ).

But, you cannot just divorce your first master (flesh) to marry the second (Spirit), although it might be tried. Before you can legally marry the Messiah, your first master has to die. After your flesh dies, then legally, it no longer has dominion over you (your flesh is legally dead…or “dead to the law”). So, how do you kill your flesh so that you can walk in the Spirit and “newness of life”? You have to be baptized into Yeshua the Messiah. This will bury your old man (of sin/flesh), so that you can walk in the Spirit. After this has occurred, should you go back to your first master (carnal flesh) and continue to transgressing the law? God forbid!