Jesus Cleansed EVERYONE who has Repented from their Sins

One common argument people use against keeping the feasts is, "The Messiah cleansed us from our sins so we no longer have to do the rituals that were set up to do this (like the Days of Unleavened Bread and the Day of Atonement)".

For those who use an argument similar to this one, let me ask you, "Do you REALLY think that these rituals ever cleaned anyone from any sin?" (because that is what the above statement implies)

The fact is these feasts never cleansed ANYONE from sin! If it were possible, we would not need a savior. The people that were alive before the Messiah died on the cross are STILL saved by Yeshua's blood on the cross! Let me rephrase...Before the Messiah's death, the feasts (or Day of Atonement) did not cleanse ANYONE from ANY sin, but just pointed to the Messiah. Other than Yeshua adding to the Passover Supper when he told us to "do this in remembrance...", not much else has changed! They STILL do not cleanse anyone of their sins and they STILL point to the Messiah!

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