Answering the Critics

In this section, I post some parts of some discussions that I have encountered about the law of God.

1. Person says that Jesus' statements are irrelevant.

2. Series of "why don't you do this" questions from many people

3. "What would you tell this person if...." (all though these type of questions seem less attacking than "why don't you do this". ..usually their motive is to make the law abiding person look bad. So they can say something like, "So, you would tell a poor homeless person that it is better to starve than to eat pork" or, "So, you are saying that this widow who only has one means to support her family should quit her job because she is forced to work on the Sabbath". In this section, I answer these types of questions.)

4. How can you practice the feasts without a temple?

5. If Jesus cleansed us from our sins, then why keep the Days of Unleavened Bread and the Day of Atonement?

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